Who's heard of Ngrok, and is there an OS option?


Working in the tech world, especially for government, there are tons of restrictions on what we can / can’t do, particulary when it comes to network access.

Recently our company had a summit, and they talked about Ngrok. It’s pretty awesome looking, but sadly has gone closed source in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Still could be quite useful, but was wondering if any of you have heard of it, and if so, are there any open source options to it?

BTW, for those who work in networking and securing network access this appears to be a solid work around (Texas Tech - cough), so might be worthwhile to investigate it up front. Here’s the link:



Found a really nice alternative. I"ll go through it tonight at the March 2019 meeting.

It’s called go-http-tunnel. Really nice.

My use case is that I’ve been working on a project for work at Tyler, and needed a way to get geoCoordinates from my iPad or phone. Well, the GeoCoordinates / GeoLocation API changed since last I used it a few years ago, and now reequires a secure (SSL) connection. This gave me just what I needed to have the SSL connection and be able to get back to my home machine from out and about in town as I tested the GeoLocation. Very cool.